Perimeter Given (a+b+c)=k
 Maximum area of triangle (a=b=c)
Put value of side a
Put value of side b
Value of side c
Value of angle ∠c between a & b in radian
Value of angle ∠c between a & b in degree
Area of Triangle-▲
% area of ▲ / maximum area of ▲
3rd side of triangle can be found from solution of the following  equation :Ax4 + Bx2  + C=0  

or   x4 +x2  +=0  

Solution : x4
Solution : x4a
Solution : x3
Solution : x3a
Maximum area of quadrilateral (a=b=c=d)
side a
side b
angle between a & b in degree
diagonal e
side c
side d
area of triangle abe
area of triangle cde
area of quadrilateral

% area of ▮ / maximum area of ▮

Maximum area of Rectangle(side1=side2)

Put value of one side

Value of other side

Area of Rectangle-

% area of ▮ / maximum area of ▮

area of Circle

Radius of Circle

semi-major + semi-minor axisk/PI  of Ellipse
Semi -major Axis (a4)
Semi-minor Axis (b4)
Find discount factor upto 3rd term
h/4 + h2 / 64 + h3 /256 +.....+.....infinite series)  
where h=(a-b/a+b)2  
Revised Semi -major Axis
Revised Semi -minor Axis

Revised Perimeter

Area of Ellipse

% area of ellipse / maximum area of ellipse

*To find side c of a triangle when a,b are given and in between angle say θ is given . area=(ab/2)sinθ .Now area formula from the sides is (X1+c)(X2+c)(-X2+c)(X1-c) =16 A*A where X1=a+b,X2=b-a; simplifying, c4 -(X12 +X22)c2 +[(X12 *X22 )+16A*A]=0 or c*c=y and y2 -(X12 +X22)y +[(X12 *X22 )+16A*A]=0  or Ay2 +By+C=0 where A=1, B = -(X12 +X22) =-2(a*a+b*b) and C=[(X12 *X22 )+16A*A]  = (a+b)2*(b-a)2 +16A*A;

* in ellipse, R=(peri-R)*dfactor or R=peri*dfactor/(1+dfactor)