Trigonometric Ratio
0-180 degree
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Find Angle in Radian radian iff sin
sin of Angle radian iff cos
cos of Angle radian iff tan
tan of Angle radian iff cot
cot of Angle radian iff sec
sec of Angle radian if cosec
cosec of Angle      
sin(90+x) cosx sin(180-x) sinx sin(180+x) -sinx    
cos(90+x) -sinx cos(180-x) -cosx cos(180+x) -cosx    
tan(90+x) -cotx tan(180-x) -tanx tan(180+x) tanx    


For angle>180 degree, use the formulae-
sin(180+A ) = - sinA
cos (180+A) = - cosA
tan(180+A )= tanA
cos of any angle lags behind sin graph by 90 degree
Exa- cos 90 has same value as sin (90+90)=sin 180
cos of an angle lags behind the sine by phase difference of 90 degree.
i.e sin 90= cos(90-90)=cos 0