Coordinates of Projectile
Enter Angle(Degree)with horizontal
Find Angle in Radian
Enter Initial Velocity(u)m/sec
Enter Time(t) sec
Find Time of flight in Sec
Find Maximum Height in m
Find Range in m
Find curved Range in m
Find curved Range/Range
Find Latus Rectum in m
Find Latus Rectum/Range
Find Area in m2
Find X coordinate in m at Time t
Find Y Coordinate in m at Time t
Find curve distance in m at Time t
Find Slope of curve at (x,y)
Find instantaneous velocity(time=t)
Enter any value of X
Enter any value of Y
Find(x',y') inside/outside parabola
curved path=(gt-usinA)/(2g)*sqrt(u*u+g*g*t*t-2ugtsinA) +(u*u*cosA*cosA/2g)sinh-1(gt-usinA)/ucosA -(u*u*cosA*cosA/2g)sinh-1(-tanA) +u*u*sinA/2g
latus rectum=range/tanA