Perelman's Magic

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Arnab Bilal Chan
Rule:A bag,a phone & a chair are kept.24 nuts are put in a plate. The 3 people are asked to keep one of the 3 things in a secret place. Then you come to the room and hand over 1 nut to Arnab, 2 to Bilal and 3 to Chan. Then tell them to take more nuts in your absence- (1) The one who has the bag should take as many nuts as he was given the first time

(2) The one with the phone twice as many as he was given

(3) And the one with the chair four times the number.

The rest will remain in the plate.

After they have completed taking the nuts, they call you into the room.

You look at the plate and announce what each person has taken


First click on the persons to give them nuts. Then click on the items each wants to hide.

   No. of Nuts left-  


Yakov Isidorovich Perelman was an outstanding popular science writer on Physics, mathematics and astronomy. Born in 1882 in the town of Byelostok which is now in Poland, he did a Diploma of Forester and devoted his time to produce creative and witty scientific works in a unique style that was easily understandable and highly absorbing. His works 'Physics for Entertainment' , 'Figures for Fun'  are among the most well read books throughout Russia and elsewhere. Perelman died in Leningrad on March,16,1942.

To solve the above problem, let us understand that 3 objects can be distributed in 3! i.e 6 different ways. Find out how many nuts are taken for each combination and how many are left. The remainder is different for each combination and hence result can be predicted from the remainder.