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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script converts the entries you make into a JavaScript powered drop-box drop-down menu that can be added to any HTML page.

To use CSGNetwork MenuMaker, first select the number of Items you want in the menu. The default is 5. Then choose and enter the caption that will appear in the menu. By default, it is Select. Then fill in the details of the Items. Option is the text that will appear when you pull down the drop-down menu. Link to is the navigation link to which that particular Option will navigate. You may type your own link/URL or browse through to link to a local or network file. The link should navigate to where the file will be when posted. After the links are complete, click the Make The Menu Button. A new window will open, with the code you need for the menu you want. Press CTRL+A or right click and Select All. Then copy the text and paste it wherever you require on your web page. This is a JavaScript menu and browsers must be enabled for it proper use. Thank you for stopping by to use our MenuMaker.

CSGNetwork     MenuMaker

Version 1.9.4

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