This code example shows how to apply custom separators for function arguments and decimal separator.

Argument separator
Decimal separator



Common Expressions-- sum, subtract, multiply, divide, pow, min, max, floor, round, range, sqrt, square, gcd, lcm, inv, random(min,max), mean, median, std, log(number,base), sin, asin, sina, permutations (number1,number2), combinations(number1, number2), sin(90 deg),

factorial, det, matrix, transpose, diag, inv, pickRandom(2,4,5,8,9), var([1,2,3,4],'uncorrected'), var([1,2,3,4],'biased'), re(complex(2,3), im(complex(2,3), factorial(range(1,6)), conj(complex(2+3i)),

Argument Separator----- can be made semi-colon , comas as u like. So also decimal separator.