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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script converts your entries into ready-to-copy HTML and Javascript code to create your FAQs page; in fact, it is a fully ready page by itself. Fill in the title and each question you want to appear, along with the answer. Click on the Generate The FAQs button. The generated code can be cut & pasted onto any HTML displaying page. There is no reasonable restriction as to the length of questions or answers, and you can build up to 10 at a time. You may test with our sample code question and answer by just clicking on the Generate The FAQs button; you can clear that same data by clicking on the Clear Sample Data button. Then Click on Copy Code To The Clipboard or manually select and copy the code from the box below. Are there any questions (and answers...)?

Required Data Entry

FAQs Page Title (blank for none)
Question & Answer Entries
Question 1
Answer 1
Question 2
Answer 2
Question 3
Answer 3
Question 4
Answer 4
Question 5
Answer 5
Question 6
Answer 6
Question 7
Answer 7
Question 8
Answer 8
Question 9
Answer 9
Question 10
Answer 10

FAQs Source Code
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