JavaScript Diagram Builder - Introduction

The JavaScript Diagram Builder v. 1.1 is a library of some objects and functions, which can help you to display a diagram in your webpage in an easy way. The file 'diagram.js' contains all the necessary objects and functions. This file must be included in the header of your webpage:

<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript" src="diagram.js"></SCRIPT>

The script will work under Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and Netscape 6.x, Netscape 4.x is not supported anymore.

The JavaScript Diagram Builder is especially usefull, if you want to display a diagram, which depends on the client's input parameter (for instance via an asp, php or cgi page).
The common way is, to create a gif image of the diagram, to copy this image into a directory of the web server and to generate a page with code like <img src='diagram_xxx.gif'> which is sent to the client. Another way is, to include a java applet, which does the job of displaying the diagram. This will probably cause a longer time for download and initializing the Java applet.

With the JavaScript Diagram Builder you will leave all this trouble behind you, just find out how easy it is, to create diagrams on your webpage!

The JavaScript Diagram Builder v. 1.0 is copyrighted freeware. It is provided "as is", without a warranty of any kind. If you encounter any bugs, or if you have any suggestions for further versions, then send me an email.

Lutz Tautenhahn
© 2001
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