How to find your mystical colour for Zoreldda Nuit's Mystical Colour Fortunes

Mystical Colour Fortunes are based on the name you are normally called and your family name. All names are grouped into one of 5 colours.

You can easily work out which mystical colour you are by following the instructions below or if your browser is Javascript enabled, click on the Calculate your colour button.

Note - if you only have one name, you should use a blank family name.

There are five simple steps to work out the colour of your mystical life spirit.

  1. Take the first letter of the name you normally use
  2. Find its position in the alphabet (A=1, B=2, etc.)
  3. Add the number of characters in your family name
  4. Subtract 5 repeatedly until you are left with a number between 1 and 5
  5. That number gives you your colour:
    1 is Blue, 2 is Brown, 3 is Green, 4 is Red, 5 is Yellow
Now check your fortune for this week!