Codon Manipulation- II

Array Elements -----> ------------------
Modified Array -
Add in the Beginning--> --------
Add in the End        --> --------
Original Array ---> -
Reverse Array --->
Splice/Slice array -
Spliced array *
Sliced Array
Sort Array
Index of search term  (search term) -(start position) - 
Last Index of search term                                                                                 
  * if length is 10, and splice is (2,7) --> then keep 2 entries from LHS and expunge 2+7=9 out of 10 and keep last entry
String elements- -
Remove Comma -
Split String in characters
Remove character
Pattern Match (pattern)
 --do-- Find
Pattern Match 2 (if pattern1 present)  (& pattern2 present, show pattern2)
Find Pattern
termination codons present?
Extract from (position1) to (no. of characters) / position2
Sub String
Sub String between 2 indices (not including end position)
Character at position
count  (character/word)