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a=semi major axis;

b=semi minor axis;

e=[1-(b.b)/(a.a)]^1/2 ; e is eccentricity.

Area = PI*a*b ;

Perimeter Formulae :

Ramanujan Formula- P =~ PI*[3(a+b)-((3a+b)(a+3b))^1/2] ;

Ramanujan Revised Formula* :- P =PI*(a+b)*(1 +3h/(10 +(4-3h)^1/2))

Hudson Formula : - P = PI*(a+b)(64-3h*h)/(64-16h) ; where h=(a-b)^2/(a+b)^2 ;

Euler Formula : - P =2PI*[(a*a+b*b)/2]^1/2 ;

Kepler's Formula :- P =2PI*(ab)^1/2 ;

Sipos Formula:- P =2PI*(a+b)^2 /(a^1/2 + b^1/2)^2 ;

Naive Formula:- P =PI*(a + b) ;

Peano Formula :- P =PI*[3(a+b)/2 - (ab)^1/2 ] ;

Colin Maclaurin Formula ;- P/2PI*a = 1-(1/2)^2 e^2 -(1.3/2.4)^2 *(e^4)/3 -(1.3.5/2.4.6)^3 * (e^6) /5 - ...... infinite convergent series.

The ellipse perimeter is about solving the integral [(a sin t)^2 + (b cos t)^2]^1/2 dt over t=0 to t=2PI which due to symmetry becomes 4 times the value over t=0 to t=PI/2;

or a(1 - (e*cos t)^2)^1/2 integrated over t=0 to 2PI yields the value.e=eccentricity

Integral of a(1 - (e*cos t)^2)^1/2 = I

This is equal to infinite series

1-(1/2)^2 e^2 -(1.3/2.4)^2 *(e^4)/3 -(1.3.5/2.4.6)^3 *(e^6) /5 - ..

whose refined value as per Ramanujan is

Latus Rectum = 2b.b/a
Focus to Focus Length = 2ae
Radius of Auxiliary Circle = a
Radius of Director Circle = Sqrt ( a.a + b.b )
Length of each Equi Conjugate circle =sqrt( (a.a +b.b )/2 )